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BoredAdmin | The System Administration Guide.

System administration is the field of information technology (IT) that’s responsible for creating, managing, and maintaining the one or more information technology (IT) infrastructure systems.
The software, application, hardware, network, OS, servers, workstations, or disaster recovery are the essential parts of the organization. System administrating is specially done by information technology experts. And the goal is ensuring that all the systems are running efficiently, effectively, and flawlessly.
Fundamental of the system administration is, be prepare, design architect, and ready to recover the organization’s IT infrastructure in the event of a disaster. We are here to help you with the system administrating in a text and video format. BoreAdmin is an ultimate step by step system administration guide.

Windows LogoWindow system administration is installing, configuring, managing, monitoring, upgrading, and troubleshooting the windows-based server, application, and client systems. It includes data security. Configuring policy-based user access. Maintaining and monitoring the stability, performance of the system.
Duties of a windows system administrator can be very different based on the business of the organization. Install and configure Windows servers in the organization, provide technical support and guidance for the required personal, perform system maintenance, monitor system performance, crate back up, and ready to restore backup an event of a disaster. Maintain system security according to organization policy. These are the general responsibilities of the windows system administrator. More …..

Linux System Administration

Linux LogoIn today’s world, Linux is a major OS in computing technology. Most of web-server, supercomputers, storage service, virtualization, and cloud service providers are powered by Linux. Computing devices are also powered by Linux because of the open-source environment. You can see and check the source code and can change according to your requirements within the license agreement. More …..

Network System Administration

Network LogoManaging and configuring local area network (LAN), wide area network (WAN), Virtual Private Network (VPN), Virtual area network (VLAN), network segments, internet, intranet, and other communication method and protocol between systems is called network administration. It is an essential and critical part of every organization. Network administrators are the key responsible persons to design, configure, maintain, and troubleshoot for the organization. More …..

General System Administration

General System Administration LogoGeneral system administration is not specific to windows, Linux, and network.  This type of job needs to perform the task of configurations, maintenance, and monitoring of Windows, Linux, Network, and applications.

The system administrator must make a plan and design of the disaster recovery for the organization. The system, network, and applications must be ready to restore the working state in case of disaster. More …..

Latest Published Video

Documentum is an enterprise content management (ECM) system, it is focused on document management. Instead of storing your document on your hard drive, you can store your documents in the Documentum’s document management system. Where you can define the security and properties of your documents.

After creating the multiple repositories, there will be the authentication issue define by “we’re sorry, authentication failed”. And This tutorial is a step by step guide to accommodate multiple copies of the Documentum repository in a single database and fix the authentication issue. Complete step by step guide …